Wuxi Lanxing has one or two, three types of high pressure vessel design and Manufacturing Certificate (A1A2) issued by the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine (A1A2), and the ASME certificate of the American Association of mechanical engineers. The main products are air compressor auxiliaries (including cooler, gas storage tank, oil and gas separator cartridge, filter, etc.) and pressure vessels two major categories.
For many years, the company has become a designated supporting unit of famous enterprises and research institutes in China and foreign countries such as Sinopec, CNOOC, Wuxi compressor General Factory, Swedish Atlas, Taiwan Han Zhong, Qinshan nuclear power, Zhejiang open mountain machinery, Wuxi Huaguang, plex, Linde gas, China north car, Japanese Hitachi, Shanghai Baosteel and other famous enterprises and research institutes. Since 90s, the company has successfully developed our country air compressor first generation fin type high efficiency energy saving heat exchanger. It has been our country leader in the field of high efficiency and energy saving air compressor cooler. At present there are dozens of technical patents. The product almost covers all the domestic and foreign brands of air compressor, production capacity is also dominant in the top of the country.



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